to critters
Blue Heron began as a
beautiful photo by Susan
Hubbard of a heron with
his neck ruff blowing in
the wind.
The base is 18 ga. mild steel cut
out with a plasma cutter. Ribs of
1/8'' steel were MIG welded in
place and 1/4'' rod was welded on
to form the legs. That rod was
coated and texturized with the MIG.
Ribs were added to shape
the head and neck.
The beak was covered with 1/4'' rod
and MIG welded to fill in. The wing ribs
were covered with random pieces of 20
ga. steel MIG welded in place.
The wing was completely
covered, as well as the
neck and head, with 20 ga.
More steel was added with the
MIG welder to beef up the cov-
ering on the head. Both areas
were then sanded to form a
smooth base.
The beak was sanded smooth and anyvoids were
filled with the MIG welder. The head feathers were
cut out. Washers were welded on to form the eye.
Strips of steel were added for the neck and chest
ruff. Texture was added to the whole piece with the
MIG welder. The right leg was cut out and moved to match the original picture.