to critters
Watch Me Fly
began with a
photo of her at
about 6 weeks
old. She ran her
mother, Flying
JJ, ragged, zipping around the
pasture for the
shear joy of
running. She is a
T.B. and warm-
blood cross, by
Watch Me,
out of Flying JJ.
Creating Watch Me Fly
The sculpture pro-
cess began with
1/4'' mild steel rod
shaped in her
outline. Dimension
is added by
welding on ribs of
more 1/4'' rod. The shape is built
on a large plow
Rod is added
until the shape
is filled out.
Solid steel balls are added as the
base for the
When the
skeleton is done,
sheet steel is
patched in place,
covering the
continues and grinding begins,
to make minor changes. More
steel is added
where needed
to fill out the sculpture.
The sculpture is
ground smooth
and texture is
added with the
MIG welder. The
mane and tail
are formed with
pieces of 18 ga.
steel welded in
place, cut in tiny
strips and curled
around needle
nose pliers.
More texturing
and reshaping
and the ears
are welded on.
Her face was
too long so I
cut 2'' out
and rewelded
it in place.
The finished
sculpture is
sanded and
until the final
finish is
reached. She
was clear
coated to
protect the